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Le Pop Cocktail Bar Le Pop Cocktail Bar
A sophisticated array of spirited libations

Le Pop Cocktail Bar

Ramblas 111BarcelonaSAES

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Hours of Operation
  • Daily 05:30 PM - 1:00 AM

Socializing effervescently

Inspired by the classic European aperitif with a modern twist, we present you the Sparkling signature cocktails program. All of the cocktails of our Sparkling Programme have something in common: the bubble. Feel the explosion of flavour in every Sparkling Cocktails. 

In addition, all of the cocktails introduce a local element - a true homage to the destination the hotels are located in. It may be an ingredient, a history or a place.  So each cocktail on the Sparkling Menu is inspired in a different location,  and is thus unique to the destination the Hotel is located in, creating a true original experience.

Sparkling at Le Méridien is perfect for the cocktail hour. It has the timeless sophistication of the classic aperitif, and the effervescence of the energised cocktails. 

An array of effervescent offerings and inspired spritzers.

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