The team | Le Pop Cocktail Bar The team | Le Pop Cocktail Bar
The team | Le Pop Cocktail Bar The team | Le Pop Cocktail Bar
The team | Le Pop Cocktail Bar The team | Le Pop Cocktail Bar
The team | Le Pop Cocktail Bar The team | Le Pop Cocktail Bar
The team | Le Pop Cocktail Bar The team | Le Pop Cocktail Bar

Le Pop Cocktail Bar

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Hours of Operation
  • Daily 05:30 PM - 1:00 AM


Learn all about Matias and his craft as a Master Mixologist, and get the latest insights on how to prepare the perfect cocktail for every occasion. 

Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina – Matias decided to kick off his training and his passion for Coctelería at the Hotel-and Tourism School of Valencia back in 2007. After he successfully graduated, the schools own Event Company decided to hire him to work as one of their bartenders – and this is where the fire was lit. Besides having to learn everything there is to know about classic cocktail mixing he also had to master the art of Flair bartending-  including juggling, flipping (bottles, shakers), manipulating flaming liquors or even performing close-up magic tricks (also referred to as "bar-magic").

A couple of years later, in 2012 to be precise, Matias seeks out for new adventures and arrives in Barcelona landing a fantastic job opportunity at W Barcelona,  where he was able to work in different venues,  allowing him to learn and to further develop his skills. After 2 years of hard work he finally got promoted to Head Bartender at renowned night club and Bar Eclipse, on the 26th floor of W Barcelona, and famous for their Art of Cocktail Making and of course their flair bartending.

The beginning of 2015 marked a new chapter for Matias. During an internal hotel event his art got noticed and he was offered a new exciting job opportunity , a challenge for every passionate mixologist – be the lead in the newly launched Sparkling Cocktail programme at the newly launched Le Pop Cocktail Bar, located at the Le Méridien Barcelona Hotel. So not only did he have to create a whole new menu of Cocktails ranging from classical to modern, he also had to help work on a new Bar concept. Matías knowledge, creativity and personality is truly present at Le Pop Cocktail Bar.


So where does he get his inspiration from, what’s the creative process behind a new creation?

Experiences, places, flavors that bring back great memories inspire him – but of course a lot of tasting is required to get that perfect blend of aromas.

What ingredient can’t be missed in a perfect cocktail?

Emotions. The only thing that makes a cocktail close to perfection is to create a nice moment for the person drinking it, it needs to be enjoyed in order to truly be good.

Are you in favor of using a lot of different flavors/ingredients?

Depending on the cocktail you are mixing you use more or less but in general I think using less or more humble ingredients we get a much better result because the flavors don’t overpower one another. So I guess it is really about a careful selection of your ingredients to get the balance of the flavor profile you seek.

Do you mind sharing your recipes for your signature cocktails? 

I wouldn’t mind in the least, but with one condition, you have to come visit me at Le Pop Cocktail Bar, taste it and if you like it than I am happy to show you how it is done. Deal?

Come by and meet Matías, and if you’d rather have a different cocktail than the ones on the menu, no problem. With only 4 questions Matias will prepare the right cocktail just for you. So what are you drinking?


The most important secret to making the perfect cocktail is to know the ingredients and the recipe inside out. It’s very important to know the brand of tequila, rum or gin that is going to be used in order to make the best tasting and well balanced cocktail. Keep in mind that every recipe is different.


For a perfect mojito, I recommend to not crush the mint, instead, hit it between your hands like you do when you applaud in order to awaken the aromas.


For a margarita, don’t use sugar and use no more than 20ml of lime, any more would make the cocktail too acidic.


For the gin tonic I would choose a tonic water which pairs well with the gin’s characteristics. I like to be creative and innovate with these classic cocktails, for example adding some smoke to it to give it a twist.

Mojito | Le Pop Cocktail Bar
Margarita | Le Pop Cocktail Bar
Gin Tonic | Le Pop Cocktail Bar


For a summer night

Moscow Mule would be my preferred cocktail.
It is refreshing, citric, spicy and at the same time has a light sour flavour. This all makes it a superb blend for the summer.


For a romantic dinner

This cocktail is a personal choice depending on the taste of both. But a simple Kir Royal can be a good option.